Charnwood West Police NL56 Beat Update

A short update for the NL56 Beat (Charnwood West) crime and reports of anti-social behaviour (ASB).

We are aware of the increasing amount of graffiti that has been appearing across the village. We have been working together with Quorn Parish Council and Rawlins Academy in attempt to identify the suspects. We urge residents to report any sightings of graffiti artists ‘in action’ to report this via 101. If you discover new graffiti, please continue to report this through Charnwood Borough Council on by submitting an online form or by calling 01509 634565.

Woodhouse Eaves & Swithland
On Friday 16th July between 16:10 and 16:50, PC Andy Folland conducted speeding checks on Main Street, Swithland. Several vehicles were stopped for speeding and appropriate action was taken. Thank you for the local residents who stopped to talk to Andy on this day to share their concerns. If you have a concern for speeding in your area you can complete a Road Safety or a Your Views Matter survey on our Neighbourhood Link Surveys, but please state the exact location where the issue is.

Local residents have praised our work on tackling ASB on Farmers Way as we have been regularly patrolling and providing words of advice/letters to perpetrators. Although the reports of ASB in this area have reduced, we still receive the ‘odd’ report of anti-social behaviour, involving young person’s driving their vehicles to the top of the hill to play loud music, litter and cause a nuisance for local residents. The beat team are continuing patrols in this area and we ask local residents to report ASB incidents to us via 101/report online. If you are able to get a registration number of any vehicles this helps us massively with identifying and dealing with any perpetrators.

Given the recent warm weather we have had, we have received reports of young person’s jumping into Cropston Reservoir. The beat team are working closely with Severn Trent to help tackle this issue. We are urging people to not swim in reservoirs; reservoirs are very dangerous places to swim due to the steep sides which make it hard to get out and they can be very deep with hidden machinery which can cause injuries. Please report concerns for safety via 999 (emergency only) or 101.

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