Charnwood Borough Council Local Plan Update from Richard Bennett, Head of Planning and Regeneration

Charnwood Borough Council would like to share with you the latest detail of various information now available regarding the pre-submission consultation for the Charnwood Local Plan 2021-37. As previously described, they are keen that all interested parties who wish to participate in the consultation have the information they need to do so effectively. This is the fourth public consultation relating to this Local Plan and is an opportunity for people and organisations to make comments to the Planning Inspector on its ‘soundness’.

As you know, the consultation launched on Monday 12 July and runs until Monday 23 August. The Council has published a range of items and these are currently being promoted to the public and other interested parties through online and offline media. In addition, site notices have been placed on lampposts adjoining all proposed housing and employment allocations.

It is the Council’s role to gather representations and submit them to Government. From there, they will be passed to an independent Planning Inspector towards the end of the year ahead of examination in public. Charnwood Borough Council officers are available to guide contributors by phone at 01509 634929 or email using

The Council has created a landing page for the consultation documentation at It contains evidential documents, the form for submitting comments about the ‘soundness’ of the Local Plan, FAQs, and more. The landing page also provides sign-up details for two public webinars that officers are hosting to answer questions from interested parties. The first took place last night and had 40 attendees. The second is on 4 August and people can register here.

In addition, the Council has created a webpage for borough policy maps and 13 more localised diagrams. This is at The local diagrams show in greater detail how proposed development fits within specific areas.

Hard copies of documents are available. They can be viewed by appointment at the Council Offices in Loughborough. Please call 01509 634560 to arrange a time.

The Council’s vision is to make the borough one of the most desirable places to live, work and visit in the East Midlands. The Charnwood Local Plan 2021-37 provides a framework to do so by delivering some of the Council’s top strategic priorities. It also sets out how the borough will meet increased Government targets for new homes, as well as providing space for jobs and infrastructure.

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